• Superior rooms

    3 double rooms with shower bath.

    easy to discover

    We want you feel yourself.

    Take a tour.

    Comfort Rooms

    4  double rooms with terrace.

    Comfort Rooms

    4 double rooms available to our

    Guests' disposal.


    Room with a special flair.


    Spacious with a special flair.

    Deluxe Room

    Colonial room with bath.

    Deluxe Room

    You can expect our Deluxe Room.

  • garden area

    Simply relax and unwind.

    Relax and unwind

    Great details decorate our garden.


    Soothing water massage.



    Finnish sauna

    Wellness area with sauna & steam room.

    Finnish sauna and steam bath

    Relax in a great atmosphere

    Indoor Swimming Pool

    Heated pool invites you to swim through.

    Indoor Swimming Pool

    Heated pool invites you to swim through.

Arrive. Relax. Feel great.

We are running a small bed & breakfast within Hodenhagen, situated in a valley called Aller-Leine-Tal near cities like Walsrode and Soltau. The guest-rooms are furnished individually. Booking is possible over this homepage. We have a heated indoor-pool and many more wellness-features. You will find more information once you „click“ yourself through the page. According our slogan:  It’s like coming home.

Booking & Price


superior rooms

cherry blossom room

gentlemen room

ladies room

from 80,- Euro/night

from 70,- Euro/night as single room

incl. breakfast


comfort rooms

roses room

lavender room

retro room

salmon room

from 90,- Euro/night

from 80,- Euro/night as single room

incl. breakfast


deluxe room

colonial room

from 110,- Euro/night

from 100,- Euro/night as single room

incl. breakfast



accomodation up to 2 adults + 1or 2 child(ren)

daybed is existing already (extra charge)

length of stay /rates

from 1 to 3 nights = from 110 Euro/night

from 1 to 7 nights = from 105 Euro/night

from 1 to 14 nights = from 100 Euro/night



vacation home

accomodation up to 3 adults

addtional beds possible (extra charge)

length of stay /rates

from 1 to  3 nights = from 140 Euro/night                     

from 1 to  7 nights = from 130 Euro/night

from 1 to 14 nights = from 125 Euro/night



rates for camp beds

children from 0 to 4 years 10,00 Euro/night /person (baby crip)  


children from 4 to 16 years 15,00 Euro/night /person  
    children from 16 to 18 years 20,00 Euro/night/person  
  pets each per night = 15 Euro  


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moin moin dear guests…..

Moin moin is a special „hello“ people here in the northern part of Germany say when they meet each other. A translation of the „moin moin“ would be : Hello, how are you doing.? .

We are glad to welcome you here at our place. Decelerate or slow down. We use these words more and more often. But our acting is different. Here we offer you the posibility to slow down, to relax and to enjoy your day. Will say, we do our best to make it possible for you. But it is up you to add your part to make it happen.

This is not a hotel in the traditional understanding. We consider us more as a bed & breakfast house. 10 different rooms and 2 holiday flats are spread in 3 buildings. If you let us know in time, then we create also a meal for you. Or if pizza or tarte flambe is enough, then you have the chance to have it here too. But also: advance announcement please. We also offer massages. Short time booking possible on you arrival. 
Your hosts: Holger and Thomas


Here we are