Sauna & Turkish bath



Enjoy cozy warmth in our sauna and steam bath

Sauna is pre-heated at 75 °C (167 °F). This is a temperature which alomost everybody feels comfortable with. If noone else than you is in the sauna we are glad to switch the temperature to a level you like. 4 lying people or many more sitting people have room inside the sauna.

A bucket for an extraction stand there, as well as sea salt for a body peeling.


Sauna is bookable also for non-house-guests.

  • up to 3 people 12 Euro / person
  • from 4 people up 10 Euro / person
  • from 10 people up 8 Euro / person


Rate includes use of steam-bath and of outdoor-jacuzzi. Dressing room and cosy seats are nearby.

We offer you free tea. All other beverages you can buy for "little money".


Dampfbad our steam-bath

People also say hamam or steam-sauna.

Small but nice. An alternative to Sauna.

Temperatur is about 40 °C or 104°F.




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